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AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System)

Hybrid and electric vehicles in purely electric mode have very low intrinsic noise in the low speed range due to the elimination of the internal combustion engine. To protect other road users, an artificially generated warning sound is therefore mandatory: AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System)

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Marlok® Automotive has been developing AVAS systems for electric vehicles since 2011, making it a pioneer and innovation driver in the field of pedestrian warning systems in e-mobility. The first systems reached series production in 2016.

The team at Marlok® Automotive is currently working hard on solutions that not only guarantee their customers compliance with legal requirements, but also enable the components to perform additional tasks in the area of external sound generation: AVAS - fanfare - theft warning system – brand-specific sound characteristics also for e-vehicles. 


Product example AVAS: from current series production


Technical Innovation: Protection concept Marlok® PROtect

A Loudspeaker, used in the engine compartment or on the outside of a Automobile is exposed to a lot of stressing and destructive influences: Salt, water, dust, dirt, chemicals, cleaners, high pressure cleaners, stone impact and many more. Any available solution is either highly protecting but sound pressure limiting, causing distortion and reduces efficiency or the protection grade is very limited.

Marlok® Automotive has designed a loudspeaker protection concept which serves all the requirements in a new and so far unseen (unheard) way.

Marlok® PROtect currently is the only available solution combining all the requirements for outside loudspeaker protection.

avas protect


Marlok® Automotive: AVAS References

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Marlok® Automotive: Solution provider

Automotive Know How

  • Design/ Packaging/Simulation/ (DMU, Modal-FME)
  • Validation / Testing
  • Long term experience as 1st/2nd tier
  • Audited logistics and aftersales processes

Plastic competence

  • Layout / design Tooling
  • Manufacturing competence (injection molding, welding, assembly)
  • Material and process competence
  • Industrialisation / Automation expertise

Acoustic expertise

  • Speaker dimensioning / specification
  • De-Coupling concepts
  • Simulation und evaluation (FEA, NVA)
  • Functional specification electronc control unit (ECU)



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