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Purchasing Policies

Our purchasing strategies are derived from our company goals, centering around the fact that customer satisfaction is always a priority.

Marlok®’s philosophy is to establish a long-term, cooperative working relationship which benefits both sides of the partnership. Effort, reward and risk should be equally and mutually shared.

We would like to inspire our customers with new ideas and exceptional products. Therefore we bank on productive and reliable partners who work with us to continually improve our products and processes. Through new technologies, innovative ideas and distinct cost awareness, we create a basis for mutual success. This type of cooperative partnership is the prerequisite for the continual optimization of relevant performance factors such as product quality, costs, deadlines und service in the entire value chain.

The relationship between partners should, at all times, be open and constructive. Interaction should remain respectful, pertinent und goal-oriented, especially given challenging situations. Furthermore, we expect a high level of self-initiative from our suppliers. Trust and commitment are fundamental to our purchasing department.

January 2009


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