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Requirements for Partnership

We are seeking creative und competitive suppliers from various branches and markets. The quality capability, costs and performance of potential partners represent relevant criteria for the selection process within our team.

Our suppliers must meet the following criteria:

  • Certified QM-System by ISO 9001 / TS 16949
  • Highly competitive in terms of price, quality, timeliness and flexibility
  • Highly innovative, continuous product and process improvement
  • Willingness for price/cost transparency, as well as productivity improvement
  • Acknowledgement of our purchasing requirements
  • Fulfillment of our quality requirements
  • Zero-Defect-Rule on all deliveries
  • Data maintenance in the International-Material-Datasystem (IMDS)
  • Compatability with CAD-System CATIA V4/V5
  • IT-supported Data exchange (i.e. EDI)
  • Willingness to accept credit payment on deliveries/service

New suppliers: Please fill in the Supplier Self Assessment

January 2009


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